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Credit Card Terms

THS Distributing & are on certain occasions requested if we accept Credit or Debit Cards and have had to either accept payments through a 3rd party, or inconvenience these clients by arranging some other means of effective payment.

As our business model is predominantly corporate business to business and not consumer based we have traditionally accepted payment by means of a company order instruction and then payment made either via cheque or EFT. Our Hands-Free Communication product offering is now falling into the professional industrial consumer range of products that are not available in specialist and mainstream Cellular, Audio and Office Communication stores.

Online e-commerce is extremely effective for certain commodities, some of which we do supply, however they do require a certain amount of pre-sale service and salesmanship.

Experience has shown that in certain instances, once we have fulfilled this pre sale-purchasing process, some customers, for various economic reasons do complete an on line or e-commerce transaction via Credit Card to acquire the product and we lose the business because we could not satisfy that imeadiate impulse purchase.

For this reason we have for the benefit of our clients and to be more competitive have acquired a Mobile POS Speed-point terminal through our bankers Nedbank and will be able to do VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX Credit & Debit Card present transactions, either from our offices or on site at our customers premises.

We have been forewarned and trained in the various methods to counteract and prevent Card fraud, Scams & Charge backs that can sometimes be detrimental to small business merchants. We will endeavour to conform to the Payment Card Industry Data Securiy Standards (PCIDSS) requirements.

In some instances, an administration cost for delivery and certain types of transactions will be incurred, however this will be discussed and conveyed before concluding any transaction.

We thank you in advance for your support, ask for your patience in certain instances and look forward to offering a satifactory service experience.